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Monday-Thursday : 10-7   •   Friday-Saturday : 10-5     200 Lisbon St, Lewiston ME 04240   •   207-513-3004
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Nature Detectives!    event
Step into the world of plants, using your very own magnifying glass!   On December 13th at 4:00 we will have intricate and tiny plants to look at with magnifying glasses! Learn lots! Have fun!  Ages

Gingerbread Day: Winter at Hogwarts!    event
Dec 16, 2017— 11:00 am   The Lewiston Public Library Children’s Department is hosting Gingerbread Day again this year on December 16th at 11-1 in Callahan Hall! *** Our theme this year will be: Winter at Hogwarts and we are

Pumpkin Clay!    event
On November 15th at 4:00 we will make pumpkin clay that you can play with and even eat! (Not too much though!) A combination of pumpkin filling, pumpkin spices and corn starch! Ages 7+ Only 12 spots

Climate in a Jar!    event
On November 8th at 4:00 we will be creating mini terrariums to take home, our very own climates in a jar!  Ages 6+ Call us at 513-3133 with questions!

Haunted Houses!    event
Create your own spooooky haunted house! Call 513-3133 to sign up!

Weaving Wonders with Museum L-A!    event
Join Museum L-A at the library to build your own weaving machine. We’re making straw looms to craft colorful creations—bracelets, bookmarks, headbands, and more! Call us at 513-3133 with any quest

Parade of Pumpkins    event
Decorate your best book-inspired pumpkin at home, and then bring it to the Children’s Room to put on display. Prizes will be given in several categories: silliest pumpkin, most detailed, and more! W

Let’s Make…Cardboard Masks!    event
Come get creative with cardboard! With recycled materials, collage, and paint, we will craft unique masks. This program is for ages 5-12. No sign-up required!

Percy Jackson and the Weather-makers    event
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be on Mount Olympus and make your own weather? Well wonder no more! We will be creating our own rain and clouds here at LPL Kids on Wednesday, October

Girl Scouts at LPL!    event
On October 3rd at 4:30 LPL is holding an informational session so you can learn more about the first step in becoming a Girl Scout! There will be a girl-led activity as well! Sprouting Daisies encoura

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