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Monday-Thursday : 10-7   •   Friday: 10-5   •   Saturday: 10-2     200 Lisbon St, Lewiston ME 04240   •   207-513-3004
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Medicare and Social Security: Protecting Your Future

Oct 15, 2013— 6:00 pm

medicare-logoAARP Maine President Rich Livingston will be speaking on Medicare and Social Security in LPL’s Callahan Hall on Tues, Oct 15 at 6 p.m.  Rich will talking about the future of these two federal programs and their importance to seniors.  This public presentation is free and open to all.

Social Security and Medicare are benefits most Americans earn through lifetime investments made during their entire working careers.  The combination of earned benefits has helped generations of Americans retire without being reduced to poverty, but now both programs are being threatened by pressures to cut funding.  Nowhere is this pressure more evident than right here in Maine, the state with the oldest population profile in the country.  A third of Maine seniors depend entirely on social security as their only source of income and state-supported healthcare benefits came under increasing scrutiny in the last legislative session.  This event will outline the ways in which AARP is working to ensure the long-term survival of these two important programs.

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Written on: Sep 30, 2013

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